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Selection of real estate

Many people think that living in Europe is expensive. We are also talking about food, utilities, transport and other costs. But most of all the concern of our compatriots is caused by the prices of real estate abroad. However, there is an important nuance: wealthy people from all over the world see Europe not only as a place to live, but also as an object of investment in real estate. By acquiring the status of a residence permit or a second citizenship in one of the EU countries, you get the full right to purchase real estate abroad. Where to choose the most suitable overseas property for investment and living? In this article, we will look at over 40 European countries in terms of their attractiveness for real estate investment. Only here you will find the most complete answer to the question: how much does property cost in Europe on average?


This residence permit allows foreigners to reside in the country and move freely throughout the Schengen area, but does not give the right to work.

Buying property in Europe

Registration and registration of property rights to real estate in Europe is a completely transparent, controlled and public process and is subject to the legislation of the European Union.

Legal support

NRG cooperates with highly qualified lawyers with specialized knowledge, experience and skills in various areas of legal practice. We advise you to contact the lawyers cooperating with us, of your choice, who always guarantee you timely legal support at all stages of the process of buying and selling, renting and building real estate, investing and acquiring a residence permit, as well as representing your interests in court or in any administrative body. They specialize in providing legal services to individuals and legal entities, as well as financial institutions.

Property management

After completing all the formalities, you became the happy owner of a piece of Europe, and then what? Most companies, after shaking hands with a client, part with him and hardly ever meet again. But you still need to buy furniture, connect your phone and the Internet, maybe even make landscaping or build a small pool in the yard, get comfortable with local traditions ... And who will look after the house during your absence and clean it before your arrival? NRG these questions and even more, since the main task of all NRG Group companies is to make your acquaintance with Europe as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Buying and renting real estate in Europe is a modern European trend. By investing in the purchase of a home, you can quickly recoup them. Our company takes care of all the hassle of finding tenants, drawing up and signing a lease agreement, transferring money for rent to your account, as well as looking after real estate.

Property Tours

NRG has developed a tour program for clients looking to purchase property in Europe. The program below is one of the possible options for staying in Europe.
Basic real estate tour program

1st day. Arrival
Arrival, meeting at the airport with representatives of the NRG company, individual transfer. After accommodation at the hotel - the final agreement of the program with our representative.

2nd day. Inspection of objects
Breakfast in the hotel. Meeting with a real estate agent of our company, who will answer all questions regarding the specifics of purchasing real estate and living in Europe. Signing a contract for the provision of mediation services. Inspection of real estate objects. On the way, there will be an opportunity to get acquainted with the infrastructure of the selected area, see cultural attractions, and also visit local attractions during stops. Return to the hotel. Relaxation.

3rd day. Re-examination of objects
Breakfast in the hotel. Inspection of real estate objects. Meeting with the company's lawyers. Opening a bank account, obtaining a TIN. If desired, a meeting with a representative of the construction department of the company.

4th day. Departure or re-inspection of objects
For tours 3 nights / 4 days: After breakfast - transfer to the airport. Optionally (for an extra charge) VIP-service, seeing off accompanied by a company representative. Departure.

Ready business in Europe

Europe is one of the most favorable places for foreigners to do business. Many of our compatriots have already managed to make sure of this by starting their own business from scratch or acquiring a successful business in Europe.
European business is a special combination of well-established business traditions and openness to innovation. Almost anyone can buy a business in Europe today - the legislation is the most favorable for this. And today there are many companies that help to settle all the legal and preparatory nuances of the sale and purchase.

Buy an apartment in Europe

Today we can offer you to buy cheap and profitable excellent options in several countries at once: Albania, Poland, SPAIN, MONTENEGRO. Each of them is worth considering if the purpose of your purchase is an apartment by the sea in the magnificent resort center of sunny Montenegro.

Taxation in Europe

When buying European real estate, a tax on the transfer of ownership is required

Our partners

The goal of our work is to be at the forefront of the European real estate market