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Amalfi Coast, Torre Orsini

Italy / Tramonti / House / 4х room / 600 м²

Amalfi Coast, Torre Orsini


4х room





600 м²


House that survived the stories of princes and knights

Today Torre Orsini caters to the different needs of owners, and I am here to tell you about it, to inspire the right buyer, the one who gives him a new lease of life, using his enormous potential.

Before I tell you about this, I will try to give you an idea of its strategic position.


2500m² land area
2 garages
4 bedrooms
Year Built - 1500


It is no coincidence that Prince Raimondo del Balzo Orsini chose this place to build a watchtower to protect the Amalfi Coast from invasions. What are the times!

It is built on a rocky base with panoramic views of two valleys: the Gulf of Naples and the Tramonti Valley. This pass is the only route connecting the Nocerino-Sarne Plain, Naples with the Amalfi and Ravello coasts. It is practically the main collector for these areas.

It is located 12 km from the sea (Majori), but also 13 km from Ravello. And to get to Naples, you will need less than 1 hour.

Now I'm going to tell you about the object, this is probably the most interesting part, and personally I couldn't wait to visit it so that I could describe it and let you imagine it.

I get to the Tower by car and walk along a private road, the vegetation surrounds me with its fresh embrace, it rises 200 square meters to the open space of the property; I park in the shade of a pine tree. I look around, inhale the light air, smell blueberries, hay and the penetrating scent of pine trees.

The memory of the past - about 18 years old - takes me back to the moment when I was here to celebrate the wedding of my dear friend, and since then I have been fascinated by this place.

In a strange twist of fate, I was chosen to sell it.

Back at the Tower, I enter its circular rooms. I tour back and forth to a room that was once dedicated to tables. About 200 seats, owner Antonino told me.

It is noon now, light penetrates through 10 openings around the perimeter, including two aisles opening onto a panoramic terrace, some of which are visible to Vesuvius.

The railings recreate crosses that Antonin points out represent the Maltese Cross, a symbol of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi. I did not notice!

I go into another room, there is a fireplace in the center, the openings are a little light, who knows, if you ask for a technical opinion, it will be possible to expand the access, it would be much better.

I continue to climb to the upper floors via a winding staircase that is suggestive. There are 4 levels in total, including a flat roof.

The first floor is a bar with a solid wood counter. From there, you exit onto another large terrace. From the 2nd to the 4th floor, there are 4 bedrooms with corresponding bathrooms.

The last level is a flat roof from which I get through a small tower. I see a 360-degree view here, I picture Prince Orsini and Princess Eleanor D'Aragona holding hands while admiring the breathtaking view of Vesuvius in the background. From here, you can see the rest of the area that stretches towards the Valle to the road that runs from Corbara - you have probably heard it was mentioned for the Corbarino tomatoes - over an area of about 2,000 square meters.

There used to be only the Tower, then over the years the owners added other rooms to enlarge the dining rooms; one is exclusively for a pizzeria, with a wood-fired oven and kitchens, and the other is a pantry under the structure. Here's a surprise, a very rare thing.

Back in space, my attention is drawn to the play corner to keep the kids entertained. So the squirrel is sneaking! What a sight!

As I think about it, I think about its best purpose.

I don't know which is preferable - a private house or a residential facility, but this, of course, is not for everyone.

I am sure it will suit someone who seeks to go down in history as the one who gave new life to the Tower of Prince Orsini and Princess of Aragon, the defenders of their people!


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