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Salerno, Villa class A3

Italy / Salerno / Сottage / 4х room / 180 м²

Salerno, Villa class A3


4х room





180 м²


The dream house is ambitious and minimalistic, as if it comes from the exotic landscape of Polynesia.

On the other hand, the sea is close to the park, built in the first hilly area near the Gulf of Salerno.

The villa is located on a hill with a beautiful view of the valley, allowing the house to stand out against the background of the surrounding landscape, located five minutes from the city center.


180m² Apartment
3 bathrooms / node
4 rooms / 2 bedrooms
Year Built: 2019


Designed in 2 different volumes, thanks to this it creates many spaces both inside and outside.

The style is definitely modern thanks to the use of restrained and soothing shades.

The villa features a very large and completely open basement floor with a seating area.

The large terraces of the house allow you to enjoy breathtaking views of the garden, mountains and forests.

An iron staircase leads to the second floor where the sleeping area is located.

The staircase itself is an interesting design element, featuring light lines with soft and velvety tones.

The upper floor has two bedrooms with a large outdoor terrace.

Bathrooms are made in a minimalistic concept.

The environment creates a sense of warmth and privacy.

This place creates a feeling of warmth, privacy and tranquility. Our villa is suitable for those who are already tired of the chaotic city bustle and you are ready to plunge into complete relaxation with the privacy of the surrounding nature.


The architect's first goal was to create a protected living space, a serene, almost timeless, aesthetically satisfying microcosm, capable at the same time of integrating with the external environment, both from an ecological and landscape point of view.


Moorea Park was born from the demolition and reconstruction of an old building from the early 1900s.

This was probably the residence of the owners of agricultural land.

In the process of implementation, the project underwent various modifications at the request of the client, until it reached its perfection and the glamorous style that he wanted to represent.

Moorea Park is inspired by one of the Polynesian islands best known for the richness and beauty of its flora.

In Tahitian, it means a yellow lizard represented by the Park's logo.


Parco Moorea is the reconciliation of public and private life.

A space in which residents feel and at the same time enjoy privacy and independence.


In order to give you our full attention and to give you the right time to get to know the Moorea Park, we have provided for visiting the days of the week:

Monday all day, Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning.


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