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Salerno, Villa with large garden class A

Italy / Salerno / Сottage / 3х room / 154 м²

Salerno, Villa with large garden class A


3х room





154 м²


Moorea Park is located on the first hilly site near the town of Salerno, in the Casa Manzo area.

VILLA No. 5 consists of 2 different volumes, creating many spaces both inside and outside.

Its area is about 168 square meters.

Outside the open space is 105 square meters of garden and 130 square meters of terraces and courtyard.


154m² Townhouse
3 bathrooms / node
4 rooms / 2 bedrooms
Year Built: 2019

VILLA 5 is ideal for those who want maximum privacy with a large garden with the option to equip it with a swimming pool.

It features a garden with access from both floors and guaranteed privacy.

The style is definitely modern thanks to the use of restrained and soothing shades.

The villa features a very large and completely open basement floor with a seating area.

The large terraces of the house allow you to enjoy breathtaking views of the garden, mountains and forests.

An iron staircase leads to the second floor where the sleeping area is located. The staircase itself is an interesting design element, featuring light lines with soft and velvety tones.

The upper floor has two bedrooms with a large outdoor terrace. One bathroom on the floor, in addition to the laundry room in the living room.

Everything is done in the concept of minimalism.

This place creates a feeling of warmth, privacy and tranquility. Our villa is suitable for those who are already tired of the chaotic city bustle and you are ready to plunge into complete relaxation with the privacy of the surrounding nature.


In order to give you our full attention and to give you the right time to get to know the Moorea Park, we have provided for visiting the days of the week:

Monday all day, Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning.


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